Our Adventure

Welcome to In Love In London! I decided to create this blog to keep friends and family updated on our adventure in London. Of course, if anyone else wishes to follow along, the more the merrier!

A move was inevitable at some point in Mike’s career. We had opportunities to relocate a few times over the past few years, however timing never worked out. Either it was too early in our relationship to move away together, or it was just a few months before our wedding in 2012. We realized there would be no “perfect time” to up-root our lives and make a major change and that we just had to go for it. So at the end of Mike’s training, we decided to take the plunge and move to London. And speaking of major changes – we sold our home, and we’re expecting our first child. They say good things come in threes!

Those that know me well know that I am a major planner! Soon after Mike’s Fellowship details were finalized, I began researching neighborhoods to live in, the process to get my Visa, housing and of course fun activities and travel opportunities around London. Because Mike is a British and Canadian citizen, I applied for a Settlement Visa. This was no easy task and caused us some major stress when we thought it would not arrive in time! At some point if people are interested, or contemplating a move abroad, I may write more about the logistics of the move.

Bottom line, we could not have managed this task without all the help and support from our friends and especially family. We are so thankful to have you!

Our first few weeks in London were quite a whirlwind of activity! We hopped a plane to Madrid for a Medical Conference and then set to work finding a flat. We concentrated our search over about a week and it was pretty exhausting. But we found a modern flat in the heart of Wimbledon that we were more than comfortable in and made an offer. Luckily it was accepted and the move in date was immediate. Fast forward a few weeks later and we are pretty much settled in and have all necessities taken care of.   We have been busy exploring London, going on some trips and eating some delicious food and we hope you join in on the adventure!


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