Borough Market

Although we have been laying low the past few weeks, Mike and I have slowly been checking out the sights to see in London. I was in the midst of preparing these posts when William arrived, but I will still share them.

On the weekends we like to pick an area to explore and make a day of it. We love going to markets, so Borough Market was one of the first places that we went. It is pretty convenient that most markets in London are open multiple days throughout the week, though I’m sure the weekends are busiest. Borough market is open Monday to Saturday; however on Monday and Tuesday it is just for lunch as opposed to the full market the rest of the week.

It was quite a bustling place on the Saturday we visited and there were a lot of people stocking up on fresh produce and artisanal goods as well as grabbing a bite to eat at the stalls and restaurants surrounding the market.






We enjoyed picking up some goods to cook a nice meal and also couldn’t pass up the popular raclette food stall. Who can say no to hot, crispy cheese layered over potatoes with a side of gherkins! Speaking of famous pickles, another perk of visiting the area is that you are in the vicinity of the Gherkin as well as the Shard and can cross two more things off your list of sights to see.







3 thoughts on “Borough Market

  1. I love markets and never been to Borough Market in London. It’ll be so much fun to just go to every market once a week for a few months and see what I can find… probably need to save up a bit first though πŸ˜‰

    lovely pics, Alina x


    1. Thanks Alina! Borough Market is one of the best! The nice thing about markets is that you don’t need to buy a lot to still enjoy yourself. There is lots to see and you often get to sample too!


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