Brick Lane

We were quite excited to check out Brick Lane, mostly because of the food! This area of East London is the notorious location of the Jack the Ripper murders and was previously considered a down and out area. It now has many galleries, shops, restaurants and who can forget the markets! We visited on a Sunday because that is the only day the Brick Lane Market is open.


The stalls did not hold much of interest to us, but we were eager to try a salt beef bagel at one of the Jewish Bagel shops as well as a Bangladeshi curry house. There are two bagel shops a few doors apart from each other and I think it is a bit of a debate which is supposed to be better. I overheard snippets of conversation from those in the vicinity claiming one supplied bagels to Harrods but the other was more authentic and other various claims. We just picked the one with the longest line up, which happened to be Beigel Bake that day. We tried a salt beef bagel as well as a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and got a dozen plain ones to go. It was delicious however they did not load it up as much as I have seen in previous photos. It was while I was snapping a picture of the bagel shop that I felt someone trying to go into my bag! So it proves you can never let your guard down. (And that I must still look like a tourist!)




We checked out the Old Truman Brewery, which houses a market of up and coming designers and artists selling clothing, jewelry, crafts and art. We finished off the day with a delicious meal at Tayaab’s restaurant. As you walk down Brick Lane each curry house will try to entice you to come to their establishment with food and drink specials however someone gave me a tip that some of the best curry houses are not right on Brick Lane and they won’t try to lure you in because it is busy enough on its own. We weren’t disappointed with Tayaab’s.


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