Our First Visitors!

We were lucky enough to have my parents visit for two weeks to meet William and help out since Mike has gone back to work. We were completely spoiled by their visit!

First off, they didn’t come empty handed! In addition to some extra suitcases we had packed prior to leaving in the fall, they brought a few gifts and care packs from family and friends. It was nice to get some baby necessities as well as stock up on some of our favorite foods from home.  Additionally, caring for a newborn gets a lot easier when you wake up to a delicious breakfast waiting for you each morning and there is always someone on hand eager to change or burp the baby. We also got out of the house a lot to go to various appointments for William as well as explore London a bit.





We were lucky that the weather cooperated and it only rained one day. I think my parents realized what I had been talking about when I said that despite temperatures being pretty mild, it’s quite chilly out and you have to bundle up if you are going to spend time outdoors. With each subsequent day, we added more layers to combat the cold.

Needless to say we were extremely sad to see them go and hope it won’t be too long before William gets to see his grandparents again. Thanks for visiting Mom and Dad!



3 thoughts on “Our First Visitors!

    1. We wish you guys could meet William sooner as well! It would have been nice to have some photos of Colin and Cameron with their cousin.


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