After my parents left, I took a few days to relax around the flat and be lazy because we were on the go almost the whole time they were here.

I’m gaining more confidence to head out on my own and take the tube to locations in central London. With the help of my “mumderground” app I can tell which stations have lifts or escalators and even how many steps they have. Last week we explored Westminster and Kensington and took in some of the sights.





William and I went to Trafalgar Square to apply for his Canadian Citizenship card at the High Commission of Canada.



It will take 12-15 months to come, and then we apply for his Canadian Passport. So it is quite a lengthy process. They do offer a temporary passport if we need something sooner, but for now he can use his British Passport, which we also just sent away for.

We escaped to Sandhurst for the weekend to visit some of Mike’s relatives.



I was a little apprehensive to travel with William, but he was a champ. We spent so much time visiting with family that we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoors that much. I would like to go back again soon so that we can go on some lovely walks in the countryside.

I have met some wonderful ladies through mum’s groups as well as my blog. Danielle and I connected through our blogs. We met up at the cutest teashop in Kensington and commiserated over the hardships of expat life and all the difficulties in getting settled in London. Candella is now on my list of places to take visitors as it is quintessentially British and has such cute décor.




I really need a British person to teach me how to make a proper “cuppa”. I don’t mind the way I make it for myself, but I fear I won’t make it correctly for visitors when they come over. I’ve been told it is standard to offer anyone who comes to your house a cup of tea, this ranges from the electrician to of course any guest that stops by.

We are planning a trip to Cornwall over Easter to visit some more family. We are also hoping to book a few more getaways within England now that we know we can survive traveling with William.


2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. That’s so great you are already feeling comfortable to get out on your own with William! I was terrified to go anywhere at first, babies are like ticking time bombs – you just never know when they will go off, haha! I definitely made my mom go with me to a few places at first. Plus, a new city is extra daunting, so good on you! And isn’t blogging great for meeting new people/making new friends? 🙂


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