William’s 8 week update

How to sum up the last two months… it’s been wonderful, tiring, emotional and rewarding. We are so in love with our little nugget and feel truly blessed to have a happy, healthy baby. He is such a boy! He looks like a little old man (he’ll grow into his features one day!) and even has a boyish cry.



The days of William falling and staying asleep as soon as we start pushing him in the stroller are gone. He has more awake time now and is pretty content as long as he isn’t hungry! He is just starting to smile and has started following us with his eyes. I tried very hard to capture some smiles for this post, but it was tricky!

Smiling up at dad!
Smiling up at dad!


He has found his voice and is making little cooing noises. He loves his vibrating chair and his sleep sheep.


He doesn’t like having his head touched when we change him and only lasts about 5 minutes in the bathtub before having a meltdown. He went to his first Valentine’s Day party and even came home with a Valentine.


We continue to have William weighed each week as he was a little slow to gain weight. The health visitors make weekly visits to check him over at our place, which saves me a trip to the clinic. He is filling out more now and looks a bit different everyday!



We’ve had a lot of nice outings to museums and coffee shops. We went to the British National Gallery and William was exposed to his first nude paintings (gasp!).


He loves to listen to classical music especially Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Recomposed by Max Richter. He also likes when I hold him and dance around to Ed Sheeran and other pop songs. We joke that he will be artistically inclined as he has very long fingers that will hopefully be skilled at playing some musical instrument one day. He also has very long toes for that matter. One of the midwives at the hospital described them as “the longest toes in the world”.

He wakes once or twice in the night to feed and usually goes back to sleep pretty readily. He has a knack for peeing through his diaper and sleeper, so those nighttime changes are always a bit more difficult!

This next month we are looking forward to a visit from his other Grandma. I hope to start his baby book and little monthly letters for him to read when he’s grown up. (Just thinking about him being “grown up” makes me teary!) We have his 8 week immunizations on Monday which I am not looking forward to, wish us luck!


8 thoughts on “William’s 8 week update

  1. Wow, has he ever changed! He looks like he may be mischievous one day. And he certainly looks boyish!! Cherish him as he is perfect in every way!! ( now I’m getting teary)


  2. Hi Andrea,
    William is very handsome. He looks like he is going to be a lot of fun. I got teary when I saw the adorable picture of him asleep in his little chair. Long fingers is going to be great for basketball! He is so sweet.


  3. i can’t believe he’s already two months old!! He’s just adorable! Have you heard of a wash pod? I got one for Sully around 2 or 3 months I think and it was the best thing ever for baths! It’s mimics being inside the womb, so babies stay warm and curled up a bit. (If you go way back in my Instagram, there’s a few photos of Sully in his – I’ll tag you to see). But I highly recommend ordering one! 🙂


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