A Glimpse into London Fashion Week

It was pretty hard to ignore the fact that it was London Fashion Week as my instagram feed was blowing up with pictures from all the activities and events. I have always loved fashion. Growing up I would watch the tv show Fashion File with Jeanne Beker and even dreamed of being a fashion designer, filling countless books with my sketches. I gave up on that aspiration a long time ago and now just appreciate fashion for the beauty and creativity it brings.

We decided to check out the International Fashion Showcase, which is a large public fashion exhibition presented by the British Council and the British Fashion Council. It showcases emerging designers from 30 different countries each presenting a curated static exhibition.



The IFS is being held at the Brewer Street Car Park in Soho. This large car park has been transformed into a fantastic venue complete with espresso bar and mini auditorium. This exhibit is free to the public and offers an exciting view of the work of new international designers.

Next we walked over to Somerset House, which is the central hub for London Fashion Week.


I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and street style photographers and was hoping to get a glimpse of them in action. I wasn’t disappointed as the whole area was teaming with fashionistas, photographers and bloggers.




We even spotted Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist.


Everyone was wearing their most fashionable ensemble while networking with each other and posing for photos. I wasn’t quite sure of the photography etiquette and didn’t know if I could start snapping away, but I figured these people came here to be on display.






Soon people were actually turning towards me and posing as I took some photos!




Needless to say, we felt a bit out of place there, especially Mike who was on baby duty, but nobody seemed to bat an eye. They probably thought we were following the normcore fashion trend and making a buggy the newest fashion accessory!

This guy was totally snapping Mike :)
This guy was totally snapping Mike πŸ™‚

This view into the fashion world in action was so interesting to me and I’m glad I got to see it. It was neat to later see photos of those same people popping up online. I told Mike if I get really brave, next Fashion Week I will put on my most outrageous outfit, along with a hat and pair of shades and go there to strut my stuff with the best of them!


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