Chinese New Years

London’s annual Chinese New Year celebrations are the biggest in the world outside China. Mike, William and I went on Saturday to check out the festivities. The majority of the events were the following day, but we were happy to skip the massive crowds. The streets were adorned with colorful banners and people were handing out noisemakers and firecrackers.



We saw a number of Lion Dances. As part of the festivities, restaurants and businesses will hang lettuce or cabbage from their doorway for the Lion to find and eat. Hidden in the leaves is a red packet of money. The lion then scatters lettuce leaves to symbolize a fresh start for the New Year and the spreading of good luck.


We went to Beijing Dumpling and had a light lunch. The dumplings were amazing!


You can watch them be prepared right at the front of the restaurant.


As we arrived, they were just hanging a head of lettuce from the door for the lion. Even the cooks were interested in snapping a few shots!


We also stopped by a bakery and picked up a few delicious treats for later.


We scoped out some other restaurants we would like to return to. We’ve realized it’s not just about checking out the menu and reviews online anymore, we have to make sure the restaurant is baby friendly and that we can comfortably fit our stroller inside as well!


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