Kensington Gardens

We started our day off with brunch at Ffiona’s just off Kensington High Street with some friends from Calgary who have been in London for about a year and a half.

Mike finally got to try black pudding and I was looking forward to some big fluffy pancakes. What I got was a bit more like funnel cakes or elephant ears with some blueberries in them. Tasty for the first few bites, but I felt like I spent all day eating carnival food by the time I was done.

After we took a stroll to Kensington Palace and wandered through the well manicured Kensington Gardens.



Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. People were cycling down the main corridor and feeding the birds at the Round Pond.




We went to the Diana Memorial Playground, which was built in 2000 in memory of the late Princess. It’s a magical little world of pirate ships, teepees, jungle gyms and swings.






We can’t wait to take William there one day when he will be able to enjoy it.

We passed the Italian Gardens and carried on through to Hyde Park.





Finally, we exited by the Marble Arch.


We were hoping to make our way through Mayfair and into Soho for some sushi (my first since pregnancy!) but William was waking from his quiet slumber and we didn’t think we could make it.

Our little outing left us anticipating the days when our little chap will get to experience all these wonderful things.


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