William’s 12 Week Update

I can’t believe another month has gone by with our little William. He still seems like a little baby to me and it is surreal to think of him as a three month old.



There haven’t been too many new developments with William. He has more awake time during the day and is alert and content looking at the toys hanging from his play mat or vibrating chair. He has been giving us some great smiles and squeals of delight.


He has found his hands and likes to stretch them out and lick his fist.




He likes listening to Raffi and having stories read to him. He is starting to like the bath a bit more, but still hates tummy time. We have done a baby massage class, sing a longs at the library and a baby sensory class.  He also just went on his first boat ride, but I think he was more enamoured by dad than by being on the water.



This little dude got his British passport and a travel cot, so he’s ready for international travel! We took a trip to Oxford, hopefully it will give him some lofty ambitions for post secondary education!


We have been trying to carry him in his ergo carrier more often to get him used to it so that we can use it on some upcoming trips.

He is on a streak of great sleeps lately, going for 8 or 9 hours straight, which has really helped us catch up on sleep. Knock on wood it continues for a while! The other ladies in my mom’s groups are trying to start routines with their little ones, so I’ve been debating whether I should do the same. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to his tendencies throughout the day to determine when he gets tired or wants to feed. But we are out and about almost everyday, so it makes it hard to try to develop any sort of routine. I’ve started asking people’s opinions on the matter and would appreciate any advice people have to offer! I wonder if I should set nap times, and try to be at home for them and if I should try to feed him every 3 hours instead of on demand.

The last 12 weeks have gone by very fast.  I dread having to sort his clothes to put away the newborn outfits (tear!). Even though a new baby brings about a whole new lifestyle and routine that we are getting used to, it seems like William has been part of our family forever.




8 thoughts on “William’s 12 Week Update

  1. So excited to see new pics of William! He’s so cute!! And what a smile! Glad to hear you guys are doing well! Prepare William for meeting Sage in Scotland…


    1. Don’t worry, we’ll be ready! How are you guys doing? Not long until little Sage arrives! Send me some pics of Kale and your growing bump!


  2. I think you just gotta listen to you gut instincts and do what feels right! I found it very difficult to only feed every 3 hours. Sure sometimes we could go 3 hours between feedings, but often, not. I always struggled with, “well how do I know he’s not really hungry this time?”. I think Sully was more of a snacker too, lol. Personally, I don’t see how feeding on demand is a bad thing, and it won’t last forever! As for getting on a schedule, this is one thing we didn’t do and I always wonder if I should have been more strict about it. Perhaps Sully would actually be a good napper if we had? Who knows. But, I’m not a morning person so the thought of waking a sleeping baby in the morning didn’t work for me lol. I remember talking to a friend once about should I get on a strict schedule and she said, “but is that you?”. And no, I’m not a stickler for schedules. I like to get out of the house to see people and not turn those opportunities down just because it’s “nap time”. So again, if you think it would work for you, then it probably will! I had a friend with a baby a few months older and she would NOT ever do anything in the mornings because of her strong need to stick to her babies nap schedule. I couldn’t do that.

    Also, gosh William is getting cuter every time I see a picture! I really see the resemblance to you in his features now too, although he’s a great mix of the two of you! 🙂


    1. Thanks Brie! Most people think he resembles Mike, so I’m glad someone thinks he looks like me! After my post, I received some good advice regarding routines. As with most baby advice, the resounding point is that I have to do what works best for us! I think I will relax a bit about it and wait until he starts solids because then a routine or schedule will start to emerge.


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