We were home from our weekend in Plymouth for less than 48 hours when we packed up again to go to Prague. Mike had a meeting to attend there and we extended our stay so that we could see the city a bit.

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, which is a beautifully preserved art deco hotel near the city centre. The restaurant offered a delicious breakfast each day and our room had the biggest, comfiest bed William had ever seen!


I have always wanted to visit Prague because I have heard that it is a beautiful city. It is very picturesque and historic. The Vltava River separates the Old Town from the Prague Castle and Mala Strana neighborhood. There are a few bridges to cross over the river with the most famous being Charles Bridge.

William and I geared up for some sightseeing on the first day while Mike attended the meeting.


We took the tram up to the Hradcany district to see the Prague Castle.





William slept pretty much the whole time even as the stroller bumped over all the cobblestone streets. We made our way down the winding streets toward the Vltava River and crossed over Charles Bridge.


The Bridge offered beautiful views of the water and the Castle up on the hill.



We carried on through the Old Town area and relaxed in one of the many squares. I was planning to wait for Mike to sample a Trdelnik, which is a traditional pastry, but all our walking made me hungry, so I got one for William and I to share πŸ™‚


We were able to explore Prague together with Mike over the next two days once his meeting was over. We walked around Old Town and hung out in some of the plazas enjoying the sunshine and sampling beer.


We went to the Jewish Quarter and saw the old synagogues. A rickety, old funicular took us up Petrin Hill and we wandered down through the gardens into the Mala Strana district.



We got lost in the maze of narrow cobblestone streets lined with pastel buildings and had more than a few ice cream cones.


As we were making our way onto Kampa Island we stumbled across two sights that some friends told me to look for: the John Lennon Wall and the Love Lock Bridge.



I love making unexpected discoveries while traveling! Kampa Island was holding a lively festival with a big concert and children’s activities.

We took the tram out of the city centre to try a traditional Czech restaurant that the concierge at the hotel recommended. The meals are typically meat heavy with bread or potato dumplings.Β Β  We then walked back along the water where vendors were selling beers to groups of friends congregating along the riverbank to watch the sun set.



The views from the riverbank were gorgeous as the lights on the Bridge and Castle starting twinkling. It was the perfect conclusion to a great weekend away.



8 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Prague looks beautiful! Looks like you’re are getting lots of opportunities to travel and sightsee! Makes me excited to hit the road ourselves!


  2. Your photos are stunning! I am amazed that you were so adventurous while Mike was in meetings. What wonderful memories you are creating!


  3. Gosh, look at you go! I can’t say I was nearly as adventurous as you are with a baby! Just going to the grocery store made me nervous lol. That’s great though – William will become a great little traveller for you guys!


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