Parsons Green

We have been having some fabulous weather lately, which has me so excited for the next few months. I sat down the other day to write out a bit of a “Summer To-Do List” that has all the fun things we want to do this summer. It includes anything from day trips we want to take, to simple things like spending an afternoon in the garden of our local pub. It also has some of the London neighborhoods I want to visit during our time here.

Last weekend we took the tube a few stops away into Parsons Green. It’s a wonderful neighborhood with some lovely parks. Parsons Green and Eel Brook Common being two of the main ones.


It has beautiful tree lined streets and lively pubs and cafes looking onto the parks.


We browsed the independent shops along New Kings Road and Fulham Road.  Mike spent some time in a vintage guitar shop he heard about.  We hit up the Whole Foods nearby for some snacks and had a little picnic on the green.


Then we walked across the Putney Bridge and made our way home.

I can’t wait to work our way through our summer list and share the fun things on the blog!


3 thoughts on “Parsons Green

    1. No kidding! It isn’t often, but sometimes we do. I’ve noticed Londoners really take advantage of nice weather when we have it. The day we were in Parsons Green was sunny, but had a cold wind and there was a man suntanning in the park in a speedo!


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