William’s Four Month Update

What a loveable, happy little guy we have been blessed with! I look forward to every day I get to bond and interact with William, especially weekends when we get to spend all day with Mike too.




I have been told he is a pretty chill baby, which I have to agree with. He is often content sitting on my lap or lying on a play mat when I am out with friends.


That being said, our lucky streak of sleeping through the night ended shortly after his 12 week jabs and we have had a few questionable nights recently that lead me to believe we may be heading into a sleep regression. But we have started consistently doing two to three naps per day which give me some treasured time to do things around the flat or catch up on sleep if I need.

William proved to be a good little traveler this month.


We took a trip to Plymouth over Easter long weekend. The coach ride was supposed to be 5 hours, but with the holiday traffic, each way was around 7 hours! William slept and fed on the bus and the passengers around us didnโ€™t even realize there had been a baby onboard. Our flight to Prague was fairly smooth. William was fine during take off and landing as well as the flight itself but got a bit restless when we were waiting to get off the plane. The combination of back to back travel and a disruption in his usual surroundings put him a bit out of sorts and it took a few days for him to return to his usual self.

This passed month we have been treated to wonderful smiles and tiny little laughs.


William has also become a master at giving us the cutest quizzical looks when he raises his eyebrows. We are increasing the amount of tummy time we do with him, but he prefers being held on his stomach as opposed to lying on a mat.


He is gaining more head control when we hold him under his arms, but I think we are still a ways off from being able to sit in a bumbo chair, or rolling over. He still loves sucking his hands and he is grabbing his toys and feet now. He loves when we read him stories, especially two books he got from his little cousins in Plymouth.

He has graduated from his bassinette to a small rocking crib that we still keep in our bedroom.


I am tempted to move him to his nursery however it acts as our guest bedroom as well and we have another visitor coming in May!

Williamย also went swimming for the first time!


He didnโ€™t last too long, but Mike and I wanted to go once together and then I can start taking him to swim classes.

We have enjoyed some wonderful afternoons in the park with the other mums and babes in our group. I canโ€™t wait to see the little ones interacting with each other soon!



9 thoughts on “William’s Four Month Update

  1. Hi Andrea,
    William is so sweet and looks so happy! Thanks for posting all these awesome pictures. Sounds like he has been a dream to travel with. That’s so nice.
    Missing you guys.


  2. Love these pictures and his cute smiles! I can see what you mean about the quizzical looks. You really look like you are enjoying yourself. Don’t decide to stay in London!!!!


  3. Aww he is just adorably cute! And his little outfits!! We weren’t a big fan of doing tummy time or the bumbo lol. That’s great William’s becoming such a little traveller and a good napper/sleeper. Skills for life! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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