Paris, Je T’Aime: Part Two

The following day as soon as William woke up, Mike and I put him in the carrier and headed out to pick up some breakfast. I had visions of strolling the Parisian streets early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the city started and eating some more delicious pastries from Du Pain et Des Idées.

But the expedition wasn’t quite as magical as I was hoping. Due to a national holiday, the boulangerie was closed. We then walked to 134 RdT, another boulangerie in the Marais known for their croissants. They were also closed! But they posted a little map on the door and directed us to their nearby sister bakery where we finally got our buttery carb fix! (Lucky Michael who got to sleep in and wake up to an assortment of delicious pastries!)

After breakfast, we took the metro into the Latin Quarter. We briefly walked through le Jardin des Plantes and made our way to the cute pedestrian street Rue Mouffetard.


We carried on to the Jardin du Luxembourg.




It was a bit of a grey day, so we didn’t sit and enjoy the circular basin but we did stop to admire the picturesque Medici Fountain.


From there we went to the effortlessly chic and bourgeois neighborhood of Saint Germain des Prés. Here we had the most decadent lunch at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. If you want an unforgettable steak frites experience, I highly recommend it. They don’t take reservations and often have a line up, but we snuck in right before the lunch rush. This place doesn’t have a menu, and only serves one thing: delicious steak frites! The waitresses, all of which are impeccably dressed in a black and white uniform, simply take your drink order and ask how you would like your steak done. You start with a light salad in a spicy mustard dressing and some crusty baguette. Then she brings out your steak, cooked to perfection in an amazing green sauce as well as a towering platter of crispy fries. She dishes your meal out for you in a trolley beside your table. After you gobble your meal down trying to savor every bite, they bring you a whole second portion that they have been keeping warm in the back.


As if you had any room left, their desserts are not to be missed! We shared a delectable treat that had scoops of ice cream layered between meringue, all drizzled in chocolate sauce. It was heavenly!

After that nice midday break, we waddled back outside and made our way towards the Eiffel Tower. We took a few photos with the beauty, but chose not to tackle the crowds and get too close.



We went to nearby Rue Cler, which is a charming pedestrian street and relished the rest of the afternoon on a brasserie terrace having aperol spritzes.


Our last day, we wandered the Marais, doing some last minute shopping and stocking up on some Parisian goods to bring back to London. I really love the Marais and would stay there again. It’s winding streets beg to be explored and there is no shortage of restaurants, parks, boutiques and architectural gems to enjoy.


Our trip was a wonderful escape and it felt great to be back in a city I love so much! I’m already planning what I would like to do if I am lucky enough to go to Paris again!


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