William’s 5 Month Update

Time’s flying by, that’s for sure. I can’t believe little William is already 5 months old. Things will really hit home next month when I have to accept the fact that my maternity leave is half over!

William has really changed a lot this last month, especially within the last two weeks. He’s not so much a little baby anymore!



After my brother left, we moved him over to his full sized crib in the nursery and also started using a sleep sac. We were anticipating some resistance as we had been swaddling him for quite a while, but he didn’t really seem to notice a difference. He must be going through a growth spurt because he has been quite tired lately. He’s having more frequent and longer naps during the day and not waking up as much at night.


He has developed a newfound acceptance of tummy time and has even started to like it!


With that, he has started to roll over!


He also can sit on our lap and maintain head control. He really grabs for toys and can bring them to his mouth.


Along with that, he grabs hair, skin, glasses, you name it! But it’s also quite sweet how now when I hold him, he holds me back.

He’s still chewing on everything he can lay his hands on and drooling non-stop. Sometimes he gets quite frustrated that he can’t stuff the whole toy into his mouth and I have to take it away before he gets too mad! I wonder when the first little tooth is going to poke it’s way through.

Although he was laughing last month, I would say he has full-fledged laughs this month.


I could spend hours tickling and making funny faces at him to hear his precious little giggle. He’s also making lots of sounds and noises and likes to use his voice.


This month we did a baby sign language class and some more swimming lessons. We also had our week in Paris as well.


We have started collecting post cards from our trips to add to his baby book. It will be fun to one day show him all the places he has been.


4 thoughts on “William’s 5 Month Update

  1. What a joy to see my lovely grand baby grow through these remarkable stages! I am so glad you are documenting them for us all to see and enjoy. Keep it up and can’t wait to see you all in 6-8 months!!!!!


  2. Awww he’s just so cute! And really starting to fill out! I always said I was going to do baby sign language with Sully, but it never happened 😦


    1. We only did one class and did not sign up for the full term because we would miss too many. I’m sure our babes won’t be missing out on too much!


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