Last week we took advantage of the bank holiday to take a little trip to Richmond. Richmond is an affluent area of London, just south of the Thames. People often move here when they want to get away from the chaos of central London, or wish to spread out with a growing family. It’s quite similar to Wimbledon, however I imagine for those that live very central in London, it’s a nice break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

When Mike lived in London for a summer working at a pub, he was very close to Richmond and would often go there on his days off. So he always likes to visit and re-live some fond memories.

Richmond has a lot of cute pubs to take your pick from.


Some are across the street from a park and you can take your drinks there and sit out on a blanket. It also has a lot of boutiques and narrow little shopping streets.

Last time we visited, we walked to Richmond Park, which is the largest of the Royal Parks. It boasts over 2000 acres of land and has wild deer running freely if you are lucky enough to spot some.

This time, we walked along the Thames. People were rowing by in little boats or sitting on the grass having a picnic.





All the restaurant patios were full with people enjoying their Pimms and the little glimpses of sunshine Mother Nature graced us with.


And the ice cream trucks were out in full force!


We crossed Petersham Meadow, where we had to do a rather traumatic nappy change in the middle of the field. But that’s a story for another day;).



We carried on to the delightful Petersham Nurseries. This glorious garden centre also has an amazing gift shop where you are sure to find something unique and beautiful for someone special as well as a restaurant and teahouse with some deliciously fresh food.




We stopped there for a while getting some garden and home inspiration before taking a leisurely stroll back into town and hopping the train home.



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