Bordeaux and Biarritz

The morning of our second day, we set out in search of coffee and a light breakfast. If we had one complaint about Bordeaux, it would be its lack of coffee shop/cafés and bakeries! We made do with a McDonald’s takeaway coffee and Mike vowed to bring his Bialetti on holidays with us next time.

We shopped along Rue Sainte Catherine, which is said to be the longest shopping street in France.


It is a 1.2 km pedestrian street running through the historic part of the city. It has mostly mid range shops and department stores.

We walked to the end of Rue Saint Rémi to see the amazing Place de la Bourse and the Miroir des Quais. Place de la Bourse or Place Royale is one of Bordeaux’s most beautiful squares and showcases some amazing 18th century architecture.


Across the street is the Miroir des Quais, which is a very shallow wading pool.


The thin layer of water creates a mirroring effect and it is the largest (and perhaps only?) water mirror in the world.


We spotted kids and adults alike enjoying the cooling effects of the Miroir des Quais and the surrounding gardens.



We wandered around the rest of the old town seeing some beautiful Cathedrals and discovering trendy shopping streets. We had an early night as we had to pack up and leave for Biarritz the next day.

The following morning we took the train to Biarritz, a glitzy seaside town on the coast. It is also a major surfing destination which adds to it’s beachy, laidback vibe. We were met by my friend Catherine – and a torrential downpour! We still walked the boardwalk along the coastline and dined in one of the cute seaside restaurants, but it was not nearly as nice as it could have been. IMG_8399


Biarritz is known for it’s mild climate, so it’s too bad we saw it on an uncharacteristically bad day. We set off for San Sebastián anticipating better weather and expecting non-stop tapas!


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