Biscarrosse is a seaside resort town on the Atlantic coast, in the Southwest of France. It offers gorgeous sandy beaches on both the coast and its freshwater lake, majestic pine forests and rolling sand dunes. Catherine and Bennett generously opened their beautiful home to us and showed us all around the area.


We went to the Dune du Pyla (also known as the Dune du Pilat), which is the tallest sand dune in Europe. Some adventurous people walked or ran up the large natural wonder, but we chose to walk up the set of stairs.


The dune is 500m wide, 2.7km in length and 110m above sea level. People packed little picnics and set out blankets on the top and enjoyed the amazing views.



We got out the door “early” (as early as you can when you have a baby) and had climbed the dune and were back down before the suns rays were too harsh. After, we went to the local market and bought fresh fruit and produce to enjoy during our stay.

We went to the beach and dipped our toes in the water, but it was still too cold for us!




The shops and restaurants all have a very beachy vibe and I would feel quite at home here if I rented a vacation property and spent all summer here like a lot of Europeans do.

Catherine and Bennett are members of the Château Fonplegade winery in the nearby town of Saint Emilion. Saint Emilion is a commune in the Southwest of France known for its red wines.




It has many vineyards and is built on a clay limestone plateau. It is marked as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and has many Romanesque churches and ruins. We walked around the main square and saw the rolling landscape of grapevines.




We had lunch at a cute little outdoor restaurant that served deliciously fresh food.



We were hoping to do a tour and tasting at Château Fonplegade, but they were hosting a swanky event, so we took the opportunity to see a different Château nearby that Catherine had not yet been to.

Château Villemaurine is a picturesque vineyard and Château built on a network of limestone quarries. We were able to take a tour of the quarries and winemaking facilities and then taste a few wines.




William enjoyed going down in the cool, dark quarries that were illuminated with spotlights, and was quite curious about the wine we tasted.



Because we never had a chance to visit Catherine and Bennett’s Château, they put on an informal wine tasting at their home for us. They were kind enough to dip into their wine cellar and bring out some of their special bottles so that we could try them. It was a wonderful way to end our holiday and enjoy the beautiful Sud Ouest of France.


6 thoughts on “Biscarrosse

  1. Hey Andrea!! I love reading your blog!! Looks like you guys are enjoying England living and European travel 🙂

    My husband and I are taking our little guy, Oliver, to Europe in a couple months and I was hoping to get some tips from you please. He will be just over 5 months old, and we will be traveling from Paris to Amsterdam, with a stop in Bruges and some other small town along the way. Would you suggest traveling by rental car or train? How have you been traveling everywhere? Also, do you have any suggestions on some other town to visit between Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam?



    1. Hi Yori! Congrats on your little one. Isn’t motherhood the greatest?! Good for you for taking advantage of your maternity leave and doing some travelling!

      For the most part, we always take the train or use some form of public transport. We rented a car a few years ago in France, but Mike is hesitant to drive on the opposite side of the road (and car) especially with precious cargo :). However, if you or your husband are comfortable driving, i’m sure it is a lot more convenient than hauling all your luggage to and from the train stations! That being said, the train system between Paris, Amsterdam and Bruges is excellent, so it shouldn’t be that hard.

      Amsterdam is on my list, I hope we get to go there for a long weekend. My sister spent some time in Lille, France and really liked it. We also went to Brussels and Antwerp when we were in Belgium. They were both very charming and quaint. I’ve heard Ghent is nice as well. Those are the only stops between Paris and Amsterdam that I am familiar with. I’m sure there are other nice towns that would be worth visiting too. Have you used trip advisor before? Sometimes I ask a question in a forum and get a lot of great replies.

      It should be pretty easy with Oliver being 5 months. We were in France when William was 5 months old and delayed starting solids until we got back just to simplify things. But I think whatever stage you are at, things will work out.

      Best of luck in the planning and let me know how the trip goes!


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