I would have to say Brighton has been one of our favourite day trips from London so far. Just over 1 hour by train and you arrive at a beachy little City that feels worlds away from London.

Brighton is the UK’s largest gay capital so it’s no wonder it is hip, trendy and everyone is extremely friendly. We made our way through the North Laine area, which has cute little antique shops and stalls set out.



There is an abundance of independent coffee shops and quirky restaurants packed with eager brunchers.


Mike was quite happy because we stumbled upon a handful of guitar shops that he took some time perusing.  There is a wide boulevard with colourful shops and a very festive atmosphere.



We continued on to The Lanes, which is a series of narrow pedestrian streets with independent shops and eateries all interconnecting and leading towards the water. The passageways were just starting to get busy and I could see how at the height of tourist season, they would not be as enjoyable to wander through.  We passed some cute old pubs and unique homes.



We crossed onto the large beachfront promenade that appears to go on for miles. The beach was just starting to fill up and there were a few brave souls in the water.


We walked along Brighton Pier, which has a carnival atmosphere with rides, mini donuts and games.


From the end of the pier, you get some great views of the beach and the large Ferris wheel.



We didn’t spend too long on the pier and opted for some fresh fish and chips down by the water.

If the beach isn’t your scene, there is a lot of green space in the city perfect for spreading out a blanket. We walked around the gardens of the Royal Pavilion and then sat down for a bit.



It’s always nice to let William roll around and get some sunshine. Although sometimes it’s hard to stop cuddling him!



Then we hopped our train back to London and were home in time for dinner!



3 thoughts on “Brighton

  1. Oh wow, this place looks amazing! I especially love that last photo where the ferris wheel is peeking through the end of the street. You guys didn’t go on it?


    1. No, we aren’t huge fans of rides and I’m not sure what we would have done with our stroller. However, before we leave, we may have to go on the London Eye.


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