William’s Eight Month Update

Little William isn’t so little anymore! This was a big month for William with a lot of discoveries and milestones. He’s really developing his own little cheerful personality.




He is so happy and mellow; although I joke that he will turn around and be a very rambunctious toddler! He has become quite predictable in his daily routines and gives me queues as to what he wants or needs, which makes my job a lot easier! He has been “talking” up a storm and has started making the cutest snorting noises when he is upset or restless.




William has started clapping his hands and slaps our hand when we say “Give me Five”.  He has also started sitting up on his own! He is still a bit wobbly and I usually am ready to catch him in case he topples over, but he is able to play with his toys a lot better and see the world from a different angle.




We really tried to soak up the last few weeks of summer and enjoy the outdoors. We went on a lot of picnics in the park and to the playground. William went in a swing for the first time and we took him to the spray park.



His two bottom teeth have poked through and William is leaving his mark (literally) on everything he chomps on! But his cute little smile more than makes up for it. It seriously melts my heart every time he looks at me with his big toothy grin.




We are trying to be adventurous with his food and offer him a lot of variety and different textures. This month he really liked salmon, green beans, mango, greek yogurt, peaches and watermelon.

Tomorrow we leave on our trip to Edmonton. We are so excited to see everyone! It’s hard to describe, but I just want to share the joy he brings me with all of our family members as well. Wish us luck on our first transatlantic flight!


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