Guest Post: A Perfect Day in North London

Christa is also from Alberta and moved to London with her husband around the same time as us.  It has been great to compare stories about settling in, the challenges of finding work and expat life in general.  You can read more about her adventures at Un Petit Chou, but for now, she has shared with us her favorite way to spend a day in London.


Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve had my ups and downs with moving to London. If you find yourself in Canada reading this and thinking ‘Canada is a colony of England. We give a shout out to the queen on our money. How different could it be?’ The short answer is extremely, and also maybe don’t base your understanding of a country on a currency unless of course it’s in relation to spockingfives.

I failed to realize many things; the cultural differences, the sheer number of humans that inhabit London, and the fact that this jungle is largely made of concrete. So you are probably reading this wondering how on earth this article can be entitled ‘a perfect day in North London’. Not a great start Christa. But hold on.

The beauty of a place like London is that there is a lot of everything here. Seek and you shall find. Not great with the masses, no worries. Less than keen for a museum day – still got you covered.

My perfect day in North London begins with a run on the Parkland Walk. It’s one of those ‘how on earth is this located in London’ phenomena. Thick greenery, some single-track sections and the ability to get away from busy city life without actually leaving the city. It has amazingly beautiful sections of graffiti blanketed in vines where city and nature have found balance.



The best way to follow up a run is a trip to Gail’s bakery.


I’ve yet to find a problem that a Gail’s cheesestick couldn’t fix. That flaky buttery cheesy goodness is song inspiring (Lizzie from 30 Rock would likely agree). Other must haves include the roasted pepper, feta & olive brioche and the carrot cake. The sweet and savory aromatic smells make this a fan favorite with all the locals, human and canine alike.



On the topic of dogs, Londoners love for their furry friends is like no other. There is a mutual understanding among these folks that dogs should be in your life. They make life better. My husband and I were initially worried that we would be denied a ‘perfect day’ due to a doggy deficiency. Luckily, solutions like Borrow My Doggy turn the ‘have nots’ into the ‘haves’. A perfect day includes some Brian the golden retriever time.



All the runs and walks can build up a real thirst. The Faltering Fullback is a fantastic little fallback (say that seven times fast) when you aren’t sure how long your doggy date will be. The pub is covered in greenery both inside and out. A pint in nature. Cheers London.



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