We returned not too long ago from a wonderful trip to Edmonton. We were able to spend quality time with our families, visit with friends and introduce William to everyone.

It was extra special for Mike and I to spend time with our grandparents and for them to meet William. We got to see our extended families and celebrate my grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary.

It was great to finally meet my new little nephew Eric, and have William play with his little cousins from both sides of the family.


William had a few iffy days adjusting to nights at the beginning, but then began sleeping very well. He tired himself out every day borrowing Eric’s jolly jumper or playing with his older cousins, Colin and Cameron.


However, when we returned to London, the jet lag followed and he was staying up for long stretches at night. Thankfully, he is back to his usual self now.

During our trip we had some fun days at the swimming pool and park.







Mike and I even got to go on a double date with my sister and brother in law while my parents babysat. Now that we know they can handle four kids under the age of five, we may be asking them to babysit more often when we return!

Mike flew back to London after one week and I stayed an extra week with William. He was very good on our flight home together.

Our little visit to Edmonton made me nostalgic for being close to friends and family in the city that I grew up in, however, it felt really good to return to London and be reunited with Mike.


6 thoughts on “Edmonton

  1. Sorry I missed you Andrea. Great photos. So sorry about your grandfather. I am happy for you that you made it home for the anniversary and to see him.


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