Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

We were lucky enough to almost have two turkey dinners when we visited Edmonton in August because both of our moms wanted to make one for us. In order to avoid eating turkey for days on end, we let Mike’s mom off the hook and just my mom made one. Therefore, I didn’t feel too bad for not having any turkey this weekend, but I sure felt thankful for a lot of things.

I am very thankful for my little family, and our health and happiness. I am also thankful for the love and support from our parents, siblings, extended family and friends.

We didn’t celebrate in the traditional way, but still had a wonderful weekend. We relaxed at home and caught up on some things. After William’s second nap, we went out for a walk to Wimbledon Common and the stately Cannizaro House. It was so beautiful out; we did a little impromptu family photo session.




Turns out the stroller acts as a pretty good tripod. The colors of the leaves were so vibrant.



William loved playing with them, and eating a few too. Oops!




After, we went to the Crooked Billet pub where there was a lively crowd watching the Rugby games.


We bumped into some friends and had a little chat over a cheeky pint before heading home for dinner.


7 thoughts on “Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

  1. I didn’t know there were different dates for Canadian and American Thanksgiving. The expat community in Paris seems to celebrate it, our friends invited us last year and it was delicious!


  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Love all those photos – looks like you guys are having a lovely fall too! William is adorable, love his little smile, and that grey cardigan – too cute.


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