William and I had the opportunity to head out to Cambridge for the day to visit my friend, Krista, and her new little baby. Another friend introduced me to her because she was originally from Edmonton and moved to the UK a number of years ago. We met up in Edmonton while she was visiting family, but it has taken us over a year to meet up while I was in London!

The day we visited was a beautiful, warm day and the sun was shining. Perfect for strolling around the picturesque campus. I was lucky to have a local tour guide to show me around, however, we spent a long time catching up over a leisurely lunch and didn’t leave too much time to see the sites.

We started our little walk at Great St. Mary’s Church, which is in the centre of town.



She showed me the main square that has a daily farmers market.   Leading from here are a lot of cute, narrow streets with shops.

I felt like everywhere I turned, there were gorgeous buildings, or lush green spaces.





We saw King’s College Chapel, which is the most famous building in Cambridge. It looked very grand with the River Cam and then a large green field leading up to the stately building.


We also saw Trinity College and Corpus Christi College, which were equally as stunning. Cambridge has a large cycling community.   Seeing everyone ride bikes with big wicker baskets and all the bicycles locked up along the fences of beautiful buildings really adds to the old world charm.


We walked along the River Cam, which runs through the heart of Cambridge.  We passed over quant bridges that offered some really spectacular views.



A trip to Cambridge isn’t complete without going “punting” or boating on the River Cam. People take leisurely rides or tours in the boats and float along enjoying the views.



We didn’t want to take our precious cargo on the boats, so I’ll have to save my punt tour for another time.


4 thoughts on “Cambridge

    1. It really has been such an amazing experience! I can’t tell if it is the move abroad or just having William, but I have really enjoyed this year.


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