William’s Ten Month Update

My update is a little late this month because this 10 month old has been sipping piña coladas poolside and spending too much time at the all you can eat buffet. Wait, maybe that was me, but William enjoyed our little holiday too!

It seems like every month becomes more monumental than the last for William. Mike and I often look at photos or videos after William has gone to bed and are amazed at how our little 6lb baby has grown so much!



William has been babbling up a storm. I love to hear his little conversations and exclamations of delight. He started saying Mama and Dada although I don’t really know which one he said first, so I guess it’s a tie.


He is still rocking back and forth on all fours and has started commando crawling. He is quite resourceful and can manage to get where he wants to go by rolling and pulling himself with his arms. I better start baby proofing because he is drawn to all the potentially dangerous things like the bookshelf and laundry drying racks.

He has started waving Hello and Goodbye and can make little kissing noises. Although when he is put on the spot, he sometimes gets camera shy!

He is working on his fifth tooth now as he just got his top two front teeth while we were away. I’m looking forward to seeing the toothy grin he is developing.



We read to William a lot when he was a few months old and then he seemed to lose a bit of interest and just wanted to play with the books and rip the pages out. But he has really started liking it again. His favorites right now are If I Were A Penguin and Where’s Spot.


He even dressed up as Spot for Halloween!


Also, this is a prime example of William getting into trouble!


We had to wait for William’s Canadian Citizenship certificate before we could apply for his Canadian Passport, which we will need to move back to Canada. We just applied for that this month and the application from abroad only takes about 20 days, so we’re all set!


We have been seeing a lot of fun London attractions and enjoying the beautiful Fall we are having.




We are saving a few big attractions like the London Eye for when we one day bring William back to see where he was born.

As I mentioned before, William had a great time on our holiday.


He loved swimming in the water and was charming everyone with his waves and kisses. The best party of our trip was getting to spend time with Mike as a family and watch William make all sorts of new discoveries.


2 thoughts on “William’s Ten Month Update

  1. He’s so handsome! Each stage just gets more and more fun! Sully was fascinated with pulling things out that were plugged in but that quickly went away. Luckily, we haven’t had to baby proof much except for baby gates. It will be so neat for you guys to return one day and show William where he was born!


    1. Thanks Brie! I love seeing how Sully is captivated by playing with simple items. It goes to show you that you don’t need a whole bunch of toys, but just every day items and a good imagination!


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