William’s Eleven Month Update

Little William James is more appropriately named Big William James now as he is growing like a weed and off the charts in terms of height and weight. He towers over his little buddies at playgroup, but I guess that is to be expected with Mike’s height.


I think William will just transition from commando crawling to walking. He crawls for a bit on all fours but then just goes down to his belly again. It probably also has something to do with having hardwood floors and not being able to get a good crawling grip with his legs. He is pulling up on all the furniture and walking along it. I’ve had to rearrange the family room so that he has a safe zone to putts around. He’s getting bolder by the day and keeps trying to stand without holding on to anything.

He continues to have a really good appetite and gobbles up all my homemade creations.  Although, he has started to hate wearing a bib and does not like us to brush his teeth.  (I took this picture before he realized how much he didn’t like us brushing his teeth!)


He also protests whenever I put any winter hats and mittens on him.  This might pose a problem for us when we are back in Canada! He still loves storey time and plays around with all his books. Now that the weather is getting a bit chillier, we have been going to the library more often. I hope that we are fostering a little bookworm.



His kisses have progressed to cheeky little clucks with his tongue. I joke that he has learned how to French kiss. Every time I Facetime with my Mom, she comments on how happy and smiley he is which makes me happy to hear.



I’m not sure what took me so long to discover a new park near our house, but now that I did, we have been going there often. William still loves the swings as well as the teeter-totter and a little swivel chair.




Not only am I trying to enjoy our last few weeks in London, but I am also trying to cherish my time with William. My maternity leave is coming to an end soon and I will be back to work part time in the New Year.


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