Cheerio, London!

The time has come to say Goodbye to London. This past week has been quite overwhelming with the stress of packing and the emotions of final farewells. I am feeling quite sad to be leaving this vibrant City that has just started to feel like home. I think I am also feeling this way because my baby is about to turn one and I am heading back to work soon. Once we move back, we also have to begin house hunting, which I really hope goes smoothly.

Despite all the chaos the move is causing, I can look back on this year and say it has truly been one of the best.  London will always have a special place in our hearts because it is William’s first home.  It has been such a remarkable journey giving birth to our son and caring for him for his first year while living abroad.






I have met so many wonderful people that have become close friends and I hope that we will keep in touch and get to see each other’s kids grow up.  We were fortunate enough to get to travel around Europe a lot and go on some nice family trips.  IMG_4284






We loved our our little London Borough of Wimbledon and our so happy we chose this lively, family friendly neighbourhood to live.






We really got to learn London inside and out and explore it at our own pace.  I will always have fond memories of all our adventures seeing the attractions and discovering new neighbourhoods.







Pretty much all of the things on my “London Bucket List” have been crossed off, from the big (meeting Royalty – well, technically Mike crossed this one off for me, but he can tell you all about meeting Prince William when he visited the hospital Mike works at) to the small ones like seeing the stars from my favorite London reality show, Made In Chelsea, out on the streets. We appreciate everyone who came to visit us in London and help make our stay all the more memorable.






We are also really looking forward to going home to spend Christmas with our families and having them around all the time now.  Although I feel like we accomplished a lot this year, I also feel like it is time to move on and concentrate on the future.  Mike will start his job, we will have a house and can start focusing on raising our family in the city that we hope to call home for the long term.

I will probably end this little blog of mine after I do one last post for William’s First Birthday. I am so happy that I decided to start it (after much debate and procrastination). But it served its purpose, which was to try something new and meet new people. I appreciate everyone that followed along.

Cheerio London, we’ll see you again someday!





2 thoughts on “Cheerio, London!

  1. Wait!! Mike met Prince William?! I want to hear this story!!

    I can’t believe how fast your year abroad seemed to go – seems like yesterday we were chatting about you starting your blog!! What an incredible year you guys had – it makes me want to move to London for a year haha. I will miss your posts, but don’t leave Instagram, ok?! 😉 Have a safe trip back to Canada!


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