William’s 6 month Update

Happy 6 Month Birthday little William! We have had a great month with William. He is growing and changing so much everyday! He as gone from the 5th percentile for weight at birth to the 75th percentile and his height is at the 99th percentile.





William loves sitting and standing with our help, it is a sure way to put a big smile on his face. He is rolling around like crazy! I rest him on his play mat and turn around for 1 second and he is totally flipped around and on the other side. He also migrates around his crib and has somehow learned to turn on his white noise machine and sleep turtle.



Because he is moving around so much now and is a lot stronger, he gets pretty restless in his vibrating chair and doesn’t like going in it for very long. We got a Bumbo chair, so hopefully he likes sitting up in that better. William also got a snazzy new Jumperoo.


He doesn’t quite know what to do with it but I think he will get a lot of use out of it once he learns to bounce and spin around.



This month was a big milestone for William as we just started solid foods. He has only had baby rice cereal and carrots so far, but he really likes it!


It’s so cute to see him waiting with his mouth open for more. I can’t wait to start making more vegetable purees to give to him.

We enjoyed a visit from my Aunt and Uncle who spoiled William with attention and cuddles. It was so nice to see William interacting with other family members and he had a big smile on his face everyday when we saw them.


Our little postcard collection for William continues to grow as we visited a few places in France and Spain this month. We have done some more singing classes and a Gymboree class, but sometimes William just enjoys hanging out in the garden with his little pals.

Wimbledon is gearing up for the Tennis Championships, so we hope to take William to his first Tennis match and get him some Tennis gear as a fond memory of living in Wimbledon.


2 thoughts on “William’s 6 month Update

  1. 6 months?! How has half a year already passed by? He’s grown SO much, and is looking like quite the little man now 🙂 Love those little pants in the last photo.


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